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School Fees



  • Fees assessed by Delcambre High School must be paid in cash only.


  • Student IDs purchased at orientation are $10. A new one may be purchased for $7 and a lanyard for $3 throughout the year. IDs are mandatory for the entire school year. Temporary IDs are $1 and $2 after 7:25.


  • PE uniforms are mandatory for 7th -12th grade students enrolled in PE 7th-12th graders may purchase at orientation for $25 or the 1st week of school from your PE teacher. PE uniforms may be rented for $2 per day per class. Sixth graders will not be wearing P.E. uniforms.


  • Parking permits are $15 and are mandatory if you park on or around campus. Mr. Judice will sell at orientation and throughout the school year.


  • High school students must pay $30 per year or $15 per semester for class dues. This covers all costs of class-sponsored activities. Pay your class sponsor at orientation or after. The second $15 is due by the middle of January. Failure to pay will result in student being unable to attend class-sponsored events until the dues are paid.


  • Planners are mandatory for grades 6th-8th. They may be purchased for $10 at orientation or during the 1st week of school from the librarian.


  • Lockers can be rented for 9th- 12th graders from Mrs. Jill.  Jr. High must rent one from your 1st period teacher.   This is not mandatory.


  • Students that do not have mandatory fees paid by September 1st  will not be allowed to participate in school sponsored events or extracurricular activities.


                                Orientation for JH                                                                      Orientation for HS



Class Dues

$30/year or $15/semester

PE Uniform


Lockers (optional)






PE Uniform (if you don’t have one)


Locker (optional)



*Organizations and Extracurricular activities may require fees to participate. These fees vary from $5-$200. These are mandatory fees to participate and may not be waived due to them being extracurricular activities.


4-H - $5

Beta - $20

FBLA - $20

FCCLA - $20

Band - $200 for High School (other grades in marching band); $50 for Jr. High (non-marching band)

Sports – fees vary per sport