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Student Council

The purpose of the DHS Student Council is to help develop a better school, to establish better teacher/student relationships, to insure fairness and justice for both teachers and students in all dealings, to provide for all academic and social emergencies, to promote school spirit and patriotism and to secure the blessing of education for ourselves and others. To qualify for election, nominees of the student council may not have had suspensions during the current school year. The Student Council membership consists of a President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Reporter, and Historian. Each class president will be considered as well as the Cheer Captain and the Band President. The officers are elected by the student body. Failure to fulfill assigned responsibilities may result in dismissal from student council. Officers and class representatives will receive a contract after being elected with specifics on grounds for dismissal. Students are only allowed to run for one (1) office. While in office, any student that is suspended or has been to the AC twice will be removed from office.